Put a Rock on it.

Why I, and everyone I know, want to see the Minneapolis Lions renamed the Minneapolis Rocks!!!!

  • Minneapolis is located near the world  famous Rock City.     
  • When asked who they are playing, opposing teams must say "Minneapolis Rocks".                    
  • Youth teams could be named "Pebbles". Thats a very cute name. 
  • Despite being a very unique name, Rocks has been used as a mascot before. 
  • The popular song "We Will Rock You" could be played before and during sporting events, undoubtedly energising the crowd.  
  • Kids love rocks. With a rock mascot, Minneapolis will automatically become every kid's favorite team.  
  • Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson will naturally want to attend Minneapolis Rocks games. Quite possiblly so much so, that he moves to town and fills in as the mascot when the regular is on vacation.      
  • This plan is Josh Lott approved and he is smart. 

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Mallory Holser
10 months ago

You need to add Rockettes as the official dance team!

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