Josh Lott

Artist's rendering of Josh Lott

This plan is supported by Josh Lott, a pillar of the Minneapolis community. Growing up, Josh Lott loved to play for his beloved Lions, but lingering questions have always plagued him. Why the Lions? Shouldn't Minneapolis have a better mascot than a generic, savanna-dwelling big cat? What did the beautiful, majestic African savannah have to do with Josh Lott anyway? Why would any sane person put their head in the mouth of a lion? Should I do a slam dunk? All of the question could be put to rest with one decision. The decision to "Put a Rock on it". That's why Josh Lott is so wholeheartedly committed to making this happen.
Josh Lott has unquestionably great decision-making skills. There has never been a time in my life when I have been in disagreement with one of Josh Lott's decisions. If Josh Lott is on board, I am on board and you should be too. Put a Rock on it. 

Possible quotes Josh Lott might say if I him asked for a quote:

  • "Put a Rock on it"
  • "I love Minneapolis"
  • "I'm hungry"
  • "Isaac is cool"
  • "That's a blue ribbon cat alright"
  • "Lets have a catch"
  • "Minneapolis Rocks!!!!"

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